Playa Denny's Beach Resort Hotel (502)4636-6156/5171-7477

Situated on the south shore of Lake Izabal, just 8 km from Mariscos and 20 Km from Fronteras Rio Dulce lies Denny's Beach Resort Hotel. We offer free transport to and from Mariscos for overnight guests of the hotel.

Denny's Beach Resort Hotel features a sun terrace, a huge dock with palapas, and magnificent views of the lake. The hotel has a secure, private beach area and water sports facilities. We offer horseback riding and boat tours also. Free kayaks and beach volleyball, not to mention a private hiking trail on the property.
A Mayan village is just a short walk down the beach into the village.

There are no mosquitos or sand flies at the beach and the water and sand are perfect for swimming.

Our bar/restaurant serves excellent food with great service. Our lanchas are well-maintained and will bring you from and take you back to Mariscos safely.

Never forget……….There is a hammock waiting for you at Playa Denny's Beach!